She opened up her hands and pressed them against the cold tiles of the shower wall. She took in the feeling of the scorching hot water penetrating her back. She rested her forehead between her fingertips. Her body was claiming defeat. She let the tears roll down her cheeks. No shaking, no sobbing, just tears.

Beautiful People Part IV

To have someone who knows how to get you past those superficial problems you discuss to occupy your mind. To have someone who can ask you the right questions and like water rushing past a broken dam, your thoughts and feelings pour out desperately, longingly, relentlessly.


She had an unquenchable curiosity. An unreasonable thirst to know other things, and other minds. These ideas, these experiences, notions, perspectives, facts and opinions were an addiction to say the least. One of Jalalud-Din Rumi’s insightful proverbs came to mind, “Two there are who are never satisfied-the lover of the world and the lover of […]