Beautiful People Part IV

To have someone who knows how to get you past those superficial problems you discuss to occupy your mind. To have someone who can ask you the right questions and like water rushing past a broken dam, your thoughts and feelings pour out desperately, longingly, relentlessly. To have someone that might not know exactly what to say but somehow says the perfect things. To have someone that asks not just to listen, not just to pass it on, but to take that burden off your shoulders, to share it with you, to brave it together. To have someone whose heart is so pure and clean; past that hardened shell, there is nothing but transparence. To have someone that reminds you of God and His beautiful presence, His loving embrace. To have someone to remind you that it is okay to make mistakes, that it is okay to be sad, but it is not okay to accept these things in more than a fleeting state of mind. To have someone that is selflessly there for you. For those days that I am ashamed that maybe I am weak because my faith is weak, to have someone to remind me that my doubts are not shameful, but beautiful and promising. To have someone like that in my life is nothing short of a blessing. Nothing short of a reason to pick myself up and never give up. To have someone like that in my life is a constant reminder to be thankful of Allah swt. Alhamdulillah.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful People Part IV

  1. Great post on “Beautiful People’, I enjoyed reading your point of views. Most people fail to see the beauty of the little things in life that have the biggest impact in your life. A friend is special because out of the millions and millions of people in the world you found one another. God knows to point us into the right people and those who will make you an even better person. All the best for you :D. Luis

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