Beautiful People Part III

People often say that the best times are always had with the ones we love. But I would beg to differ. I think the best times are sometimes had when we are sitting all by ourselves. When we are lost in our thoughts, enveloped in our dreams and often enough when we feel that warm embrace of nostalgia. Such was this morning for me. 

This morning as I let my thoughts consume me, they wandered over to a very special person in my life; let me tell you about one of the most beautiful girls in my life. Someone who gives everything her all. What a beautiful way to be; to be so determined, to be so passionate, to be so relentless towards the things she loves. She gives me hope, and she gives me inspiration. She reminds me that life is nothing without dedication. She reminds me that the pursuit of our dreams is futile if we do not intend to put forth every last effort possible. She reminds me to be thankful of God. Thankful to be blessed with such a presence, with such an inspiration. And thankful because all that dedication, all that effort, all that love she puts in for all the things she cares about, she does that with our friendship. What a blessing to have someone like that in my life. What a blessing to see inspiration in its physical form.


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