Beautiful People Part II

It’s moments like these. These very simple moments. These moments of feeling and sentiment. These moments that are so grand and beautiful but can be so easily overseen. It’s moments like these.

Let me tell you about another beautiful person in my life. Someone whose beauty is so grand that it heedlessly captivates all in her presence. Someone whose beauty is undoubtedly remarkable.

Having just hugged her goodbye as she walked out the door, I smiled as she insisted I stay inside to avoid the cold while she hurried into her car. I continued to smile as I absentmindedly watched her pull out of my driveway. What an incredibly sweet girl. What a remarkably thoughtful and compassionate girl. I thought of all she had done for me. Of all she had done for all the people in her life. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought to thank God for having blessed me with her presence.

The young woman I speak of has never failed to make me smile. Has never failed to make me feel special and cared for. She has never failed to be one of the most beautiful people I know. The most enigmatic aspect of the beauty within her, the part that amazes me time and time again, is her selflessness. She will give and give, whether they be words, or smiles, or her beautiful presence. She will give without expecting anything in return. She will give with no intention to take. This beauty is so rare to find. This beauty is a blessing in today’s world and today’s society. This beauty has given me more reason to thank God every day for all his blessings. I looked up into the clear night sky lit up by the countless dazzling stars. I looked up to thank Him once again.


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