Beautiful People

People. The beauty within them is unequivocally and incomparably inspiring; it’s  simply mesmerizing. When we open our eyes and look into each others’ hearts and souls we can see the true and simple beauty that lies within humankind.

Sitting across from one of my dear friends , I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to the words that were pouring out of her heart that day. My friend was far from happy, she was confused, exasperated and letting all the thoughts inside of her escape uninhibited. She addressed God’s will and her desires. She reasoned with me and she reasoned with Him. She tried to understand herself as she tried understand The Almighty. She threw words like daggers, followed by moments of quiet contemplation. I listened patiently and thought to myself, what a beautiful girl. To be so sincere and genuine, to be so uninhibited and real, it was so rare. It was so beautiful. To see that side of someone is the epitome of human beauty. As she sat across from me that day, I couldn’t help but smile. Merely because her beauty was captivating, it was fascinating, it was truly enchanting. I thanked God for bringing her into my life, and I was reminded to thank Him for all the beautiful people that surround me.


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